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26.07.2017 21:27, Jerry Tachoir from Tennessee, USA E-mail Homepage :
I'm a Grammy nominated contemporary jazz vibraphonist, and an artist/clinician for the Ludwig/Musser company. Would like to get my recordings to you for your consideration. We have played in Netherlands many times. The North Sea Jazz Fest and a few clubs. Tell us how to send you some music files. Thanks Jerry

22.07.2017 01:33, Alex Stuart from Phoenix, 'AZ, USA E-mail Homepage :
May we send you an MP3 of our new smooth jazz song?
Thank you

20.07.2017 01:36, Tony LaVorgna from Wilton, CT 06897 USA E-mail Homepage :
My name is Tony LaVorgna and I am a New York based jazz saxophonist. My mainstream jazz has been featured on your radio station in the past. I would like to send you the music from my latest CD "Drew's Blues".
I need a postal address and/or an internet link.

04.05.2017 03:16, Sister Blue from USA E-mail Homepage :
Hey Joost!
I will be in Germany this June, sitting in as a special guest with my friend's band at the International Strassenfest 6/17 near Stuttgart, will be visiting my mother in Koln (Cologne) Amsterdam is a possibllity. Keep me posted! Nanette from Sister Blue

18.04.2017 19:57, Dana Fitzsimons from Atlanta, GA, USA E-mail Homepage :
Joost, we are very grateful that you will be playing our debut CD on your excellent program. Thanks so much for your support and for including us!

Dana Fitzsimons, drummer
The Cheap Ensemble

07.03.2017 16:59, Mona Müller from Worldwide E-mail Homepage :
Hi Joost!

Snow Owl released his latest Album "The Blue Road". It already won three Global Music Awards for "Best World Jazz", "Best Album" and "Best New Release". I would like to send it to you! So please reply and I'll send it to you.

All the best


19.01.2017 19:37, Eric Walters from Las Vegas E-mail Homepage :
Thanks for the spins! Bob Gardner Lucky Man!

25.08.2016 15:27, Trash Bluesrockband from Nederland E-mail Homepage :
Hallo Joost,
Wij zijn Trash Bluesrockband uit Leiden. Zie voor info
We hebben onlangs een CD uitgebracht, waarvan RTV Katwijk een track heeft gedraaid in hun Bluesprogramma Purple Haze, van Jan MariusFranzen, misschien ken je het?
We zouden graag ook eens in jouw programma J&B Tour in regio Alphen te horen zijn.
We hopen iets van je te horen.
Met vriendelijke groet, namens de band
Jacques Haasbeek

01.08.2016 02:53, Sandra McClain from Newmarket E-mail Homepage :
Time and Change
Mighty Sam McClain’s last studio recordings

Mighty Sam McClain never experienced the release of his last album “Time and Change”, which contains his 11 last produced tracks. The legendary blues- and soul performer passed away in New Hampshire June 15, 2015 by the age of 72.
If you are interested for airplay, please reply.

04.07.2016 20:09, cheryl fisher from canada E-mail Homepage :
Thanks so much for the support! Love the show!
Cheers Joost!

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Entries: 88
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